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Siberian Ginseng Extract Capsules

Siberian Ginseng (also known as Eleuthero) is a woody shrub that has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine, to support mental and physical wellness.

In traditional Chinese Medicine, the herb is mixed with wine and other health-boosting ingredients to create a tonic for arthritis, back pain and tiredness. Siberian Ginseng is featured in the ‘Great Catalogue of Medicinal Herbs,’ with Li Shih Chen describing it as a‘superior herb for invigorating physical energy and increasing one’s ambition.’

Our Siberian Ginseng is wild-harvested from Siberia and dual extracted using water and alcohol - a traditional Chinese method. This temperature-controlled extraction allows us to produce a fine micro-powder, rich in adaptogenic phytonutrients, Eleutherosides, Polysaccharides and a whole host of vitamins and minerals.

Eleutherosides -An active component with immune system boosting & anti-stress effects.

Polysaccharides - Long complex chains of carbohydrate molecules made up of small sugar molecules. They stabilise blood pressure, support the cells and tissue, and help neutralise free radicals.

Mountainlife Siberian Ginseng Extract capsules each contain 500mg of our 10:1 root extract powder. The 10:1 ratio means that 10 kilograms of Siberian Ginseng root is extracted and finely milled to create 1 kilogram of powder. The result is a highly potent health supplement, with no less than 1.5% Eleutherosides (tested by a 3rd party laboratory).

Mountainlifehealth Siberian Ginseng Extract Capsules Ingredients Icon

100% wild harvested Siberian Ginseng root.

Mountainlifehealth Siberian Ginseng Extract Capsules Directions & How To Use Icon

Take 1-2 Siberian Ginseng Root Extract capsules daily, with plenty of water.

Mountainlifehealth Siberian Ginseng Extract Capsules Benefits Icon

  • Improve exercise performance
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Boost energy
  • May prevent nerve damage
  • Improve lymphatic function
  • Strengthens immune system

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