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Pine Pollen Powder

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Pollen itself is the male fertilizing component from trees, grasses, and a variety of flowers. Pine Pollen is exactly that. A light yellow grainy powder produced from an assortment of pine trees:

Masson's Pine (Pinus massoniana)

Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris)

Chinese Red Pine (pinus tabulaeformis)

Pine Pollen has been used for health purposes for over 2000 years within ancient Chinese medicine and has a plethora of beneficial effects on the body.

Pine Pollen can be found on most types of Pine trees around the world. The most common types of Pine Pollen are native to Yunnan province in China due to its very stable temperatures.

Pine Pollen is also found in Europe, The Americas as well as Siberia from the Siberian Cedar Pine Trees which are located past the Ural Mountains.

Almost all Pine Pollen is able to be harvested all year round and due to its size and nutrient requirements, it is almost always a wild product that can't be "farmed" in the traditional sense. 

Pine Pollen is found with quite a hard shell encasing the pollen. If you want the pollen to be completely bio-available for your body (Increased absorption) then you would want the Pine Pollen to have its cell wall cracked or broken.

Our Pine Pollen has 99% of its cell wall cracked & broken which means your body can absorb the pollen much easier which in turn increases the availability.

The Pine Pollen powder is processed through a low temperature and high-speed airflow system. This breaks the cell wall but keeps its bioactive phytochemical compounds safe from damage.

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100% Wild Harvested Pine Pollen


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Take 1/2 of a teaspoon and mix with water or smoothies. 

Mix the Pine Pollen in with water until you get a light yellow mixture. Pine Pollen is around 90% dissolvable so there should be a small amount that will sink to the bottom of the glass.

Take each morning before meals to increase your gut absorption. 

You can also take Pine Pollen under the tongue. This allows the androgens such as testosterone and DHEA to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream quicker for maximum effect.

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  • Naturally increases testosterone in men
  • Strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps slow signs of aging
  • Promotes regulation of hormones within women
  • Strengthen skins and promotes hair growth
  • Aids in balancing metabolism

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