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Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero) is a small, woody shrub native to Siberia, South-East Russia, Northern China, Korea and Japan. Despite its name, the plant is not to be confused with true Ginseng (American or Panax Ginseng.)

Each Siberian Ginseng plant takes several years to grow and the cream-coloured roots can live for over a hundred years. Its somewhat strange appearance is similar to that of a parsnip. 

Medicinal use of Siberian Ginseng dates back more than 2000 years. It was traditionally consumed to prevent colds and flu, maintain overall good health and boost the quality of life in the elderly. Today, it is widely used as an adaptogen to help the body cope with mental and physical stress. 


Siberian Ginseng powder is made from the creamy yellow root, which contains several components, known as eleutherosides. It is these components that give the plant its health benefits. The eleutherosides also enable Siberian Ginseng to balance the effects of stress.

Additionally, Siberian Ginseng contains complex chains of carbohydrates, known as polysaccharides. 

Eleutherosides - An active component with stimulant-like and anti-stress effects. 

Polysaccharides - Long complex chains of carbohydrate molecules made up of small sugar molecules. They stabilise blood pressure, support the cells and tissue, and help neutralise free radicals.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Siberian Ginseng is mixed with wine and other herbs to create a tonic for tiredness, arthritis and pain in the lower back. The root is also used to prevent respiratory infections and as a cardiovascular tonic. In the ‘Great Catalogue of Medicinal Herbs,’ Li Shih Chen called it a superior herb for invigorating physical energy and increasing one’s ambition.

Siberian Ginseng is also said to restore memory, increase appetite, boost stamina and improve overall health. In Russian folk remedies it is used to stimulate the immune system to prevent cold and flu infections.

It is thought that Siberian Ginseng was the first ever herb to be named an ‘Adaptogen.’ This means that it helps the body adjust to stressful circumstances such as extreme temperatures, infections and trauma. 

In Ayurvedic medicine, Siberian Ginseng is used to treat a wide range of ailments and more serious illnesses including altitude sickness, bladder cancer, hyperthyroidism, colon cancer and bone infections. It is also considered a potent aphrodisiac.  


Combats stress

Siberian Ginseng helps the body recover from physical and mental stress. Its adaptogenic qualities make it ideal for those working highly stressful jobs or participating in high energy activities.

Enhances energy

Siberian Ginseng has a stimulant-like effect, which means it boosts energy levels and contains compounds known to overcome exhaustion and prevent related side effects. A study found that Siberian Ginseng consumption significantly increased the exhaustion point of swimming mice.

Improves exercise performance

The stimulant effects of Siberian Ginseng can help muscles to work more effectively, particularly during periods of intense physical activity. A study found that consuming 800mg of Siberian Ginseng a day increased male subjects’ endurance time by 23%

Prevents & repairs nerve damage

Taking Siberian Ginseng may help prevent and repair nerve damage. It is also being explored as a potential medication for progressive neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Improves lymphatic function

Siberian Ginseng improves the lymphatic function of the lymph node network and may reduce edema (swelling caused by a build-up of fluid.) A 2016 study found it significantly reduced edema within 2-4 hours after consumption.

Improves bone strength

In traditional medicine, Siberian Ginseng is used to increase muscle and bone strength and prevent osteoporosis. Rat studies have shown evidence of Siberian Ginseng increasing femur bone density.

How To Use

We suggest taking ½ tsp (roughly 2g) of Mountainlife Siberian Ginseng powder daily. Add it to warm water to create a herbal tea. Alternatively, mix it in fruit juice or your favourite smoothie. Sometimes Siberian Ginseng can taste a little bitter, so try mixing it with nut milk, seed milk or another non-dairy alternative to add sweetness.


We provide 100% authentic and pure Siberian Ginseng of Chinese Medicinal quality, wild harvested from Siberia. Enjoy it as part of a healthy, balanced diet and benefit from its powerful adaptogenic properties.

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