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Mountainlife Shilajit Testing

Heavy Metals & Mineral Content Analysis

Because Shilajit is so so rare and valuable we make sure we bring only the correct types of Shilajit on to our store. We buy in a large quantity once a year. This is due as the Shilajit can only be harvested and collected in the summer months due to the weather element in Siberia. 

We make sure every batch of Mountainlife products are tested for trace heavy metals.We know how safety is important to you and we respect that with our high levels of accountability. 

On the right is our latest test analysis certificate from a trusted and independent laboratory, based in the United Kingdom.We test for 170g as it helps us assess the larger order to validate against the heavy metals testing done in Siberia. 

 All our tests are carried out via ALS Laboratories in Cambridgeshire, UK. Company number:02391955