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All About Sea Buckthorn Oil: It's Benefits & Uses

What Is Sea Buckthorn Oil?

Sea Buckthorn Oil is natural recurring oil that is extracted from the berries, seeds and leaves of the Sea Buckthorn plant which grows in the Altai region of Siberia and Himalayan mountains range. 

It is known as the "Holy Fruit" in ancient Tibetan medicine and can be both consumed and digested and applied to the skin. Used in Ayurvedic & traditional Chinese medicine, as well as Siberian Shamanism it has brilliant health benefits and has been used for thousands of years against various illnesses.

What Is In Sea Buckthorn oil?

Sea Buckthorn Oil is very mineral dense. It is full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, B1, B2, B6, C & E. The fat content in Sea Buckthorn Oil is within two different health types (mono & polyunsaturated fat). This natural oil also contains a collection of Omegas, namely Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 7 & Omega 9. 

Omega 3 - A essential fatty acid that plays a strong and important role in the body. It helps fight anxiety, improves eye health and can promote brain function as well as much more. 

Omega 6 - The same as Omega 3, Omega 6 aids in reducing cholesterol levels within the body and had science to support reducing cancer risks.          

What's The History Of Sea Buckthorn Oil?

Sea Buckthorn Oil has been used as a very trustworthy folk medicine for thousands of years. Widely used in the Orient & Siberia, the monks of Tibet were the first to write about the secret powers of the Sea Buckthorn Oil. 

It is said that whilst Alexander The Great was at the end of his military conquest he observed that the horses would eat the fruit and similar berries and fauna from other unknown trees. Alexander's troops also ate these and it is said that within days the troops regained their vigor and strength. 

Sea Buckthorn has the name "Hippophae" in Latin which translates to "The Bright Horse" from when Alexander brought the trees back to Europe.

Sea Buckthorn Oil BENEFITS

Mineral & Nutrient Dense

Sea Buckthorn Oil is full of natural vitamins, minerals & antioxidants which are known to help protect against heart disease and also known to assist in lowering blood pressure.     


Reduces Risk Of Heart Disease

Sea Buckthorn Oil has been shown to help drastically lower the signs for blood clots. There is also a study showing a daily use of 0.75ml of Sea Buckthorn Oil daily for 30 days help reduce blood pressure levels in people with very high levels prior to their dosage.  

May Protect Against Diabetes

Sea Buckthorn Oil has some strong studies to show that it can help prevent diabetes. One study looked at how helped minimize the level of blood sugar spikes which consuming a carb-rich meal. 


Rejuvenates & Protects Skin

The complex compounds within Sea Buckthorn Oil have shown to help boost the health of the skin when applied directly. Sciences & researches believe this is from the strong effects of the Omega 7 & Omega 3 content.    

May Help Fight Cancer Cells Directly

Sea Buckthorn Oil is is rich in a flavonoid called Quercetin which has showed to help kill of cancers cells. It's numerous antioxidants including carotenoids and vitamins may also protect from cancer related disease.    

Reduce Depression & Lower Inflammation

There is studies on animals to show that Sea Buckthorn Oil may reduce joint pain and inflammation. There is also studies to show that Sea Buckthorn Oil may have antidepressant effects present.    

How To Use

True Sea Buckthorn Oil extract is a bright orange colour and will stain skin. It is completely natural and also can be washed off.


Warm a few drops of Sea Buckthorn Oil within the palm of your hands. Apply a thin layer to your neck, face and arms. Sea Buckthorn Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and can be used daily to revitalise damaged and dry skin. 

You can also gently massage Sea Buckthorn into your scalp before applying shampoo to hydrate your hair.

Mountainlife Sea Buckthorn Oil

Mountainlife provides 100% natural Sea Buckthorn Oil wild harvested from the mountains Altai in Siberia. Our Sea Buckthorn Oil is more nutrient dense due to the unique a varied and untouched environment which is completely pollutant free and harvested by locals native to the Altai region. 

Rejuvenate & restore your skin today with Mountainlife Sea Buckthorn Oil.