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All About Natural Shilajit: It's Benefits & Uses


Shilajit is a black mineral resin, containing more than 85+ vital minerals and trace elements needed by our body for the growth of new cells and energy reactions within the cells, along with rich levels of fulvic acid which helps the body to absorb these valuable minerals.

Shilajit contains practically all of the elements (including fulvic & Humic acid, minerals & trace minerals) from the periodic table and is empowered by natural antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory & rejuvenating properties. 

 Shilajit's age-old healing remedies have been around for thousands of years and the ancient peoples speak of the "Indian Ayurvedic" & "Siberian Shamanistic" medicines which Shilajit is a vital component of.

Where Is Natural Shilajit From?

Shilajit is naturally occurring in the high orient and Himalayas and also in northern Pakistan, Tibet and the Altai mountains region in Russia and Mongolia. 

 It is found high up within the mountains and is naturally "excreted" from the rock face during the summer when the temperature is rises. During the summer period this rare substance is easier to collect and harvest as the heat turns the Shilajit in to a liquid type resin. In the winter however, with the snow and cold, it is extremely difficult to reach the peaks where this substance is located. 

 Shilajit also has historic names and is known in the East as the "Conqueror Of Mountains" & "Destroyer Of Weakness" and is also traditionally known in Siberia & Mongolia as the "Life Blood Of The Mountains"


Pure & natural Shilajit is produced over a huge course of time. It takes roughly 50 million years for the organic matter and plant hummus to be transformed into this mineral rich tar. 

Millions of years ago, the ancient fauna that grew in these areas became trapped and decomposed whilst the tectonic plates in the earth formed mountain ranges to collide with one another. The pressure from this slow process combined with the altitude high up caused this trapped organic matter to naturally “ooze” out of the rocks. 

The age old process of compression allows the Shilajit to hold all its organic properties without any breakdown of the vital components within.    


Increases Testosterone & Balances Hormones

Shilajit is historically known to increase the "Vigor" within men. Now with clinical studies, Shilajit has shown that it can increase natural testosterone within men by up to 20% if taken daily and consistently.

Energy & Post Workout Recovery

Shilajit Fulvic Acid content is known to reduce the muscle fatigue and improves the retention of maximal muscular strength. This allows the muscles to perform at a more optimal level of strength whilst reducing the rate of fatigue and deliberation.

Immune System & Brain Health

Minerals within Shilajit potentially have the ability to break down heavy metals that exist within the body. Enzymes such as Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D) Catalase and Glutathione require minerals to help them operate efficiently, minerals such as Zinc, Copper, Iron and Manganese to name a few.

Helps Reduce Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It is supported that Shilajit can help in the mitigation of chronic fatigue syndrome related issues by potentially stabilizing and supporting the mitochondrial functions directly, by increasing the cells natural energy product efficiency.

Increase to Metabolism Of Proteins

The Fulvic acid content within the Shilajit has an ability to help transport the nutrients obtained via food directly to the cells, thus increasing the conversion rate of food to energy to support running cellular processes more effectively.

Gut Support & Good Bacteria

Ongoing research into Fulvic Acid shows that it allows the gut to regulate and support the ability of the "good" bacteria more efficiently, which in turn can promote the existence of Microbiota (Good pathogens) within the gut itself.

How To Use

Shilajit comes in two types Shilajit Resin & Shilajit Powder. 

To use the resin, scoop out roughly 200mg (roughly the size of a grain of rice) and place within filtered water, milk or herbal tea. 

Allow the Shilajit to naturally dissolve and drink. The Shilajit is very mineral rich and only a small amount is needed. 200mg should turn a glass of water a golden colour. The more Shilajit you use, the darker it gets. 

Take Shilajit on a empty stomach each morning before meals to maximise the bio-available effects.

Mountainlife Natural Shilajit

Mountainlife provides Natural Shilajit Resin, Powder & Extract Capsules which are sourced from local families within the pristine mountains of the Altai, deep within Siberia. We test our Shilajit in Siberia & in Cambridge, in the UK at certified laboratories, to check for heavy metals and mineral contents. Each batch is hand selected and jared and sealed in the UK.

 Supercharge & optimise your body with Mountainlife Natural Shilajit.