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Our Mountainlife Sourcing Policy

Our Sourcing Policy

Mountainlife was born from the idea of sourcing authentic, genuine and quality superfoods & herbs. Our mission is simple. Go direct. We make sure we deal directly with the harvesters and growers on the ground. By doing so this allows us the following:

Keep Our Prices Down - We don't liaise or deal with large wholesalers who can set their prices at high levels. By going direct we can get a realistic & fair price and know the exact source of that product so that we can maintain my brands accountability here in the UK.

Quality Products - Your health is paramount and by being able to deal with the incredible families that harvest our products we know 100% that they are authentic & genuine. In line with this, these harvesters and growers also are traditional, of which their lifestyle has been passed down from generation to generation. There are no pesticides, herbicides or chemical sprays and the age-old way of growing and collecting our superfoods & herbs stays true.

Relationship Building- We make sure we build quality relationships built on trust and loyalty. Like our Natural Shilajit for instance, we speak weekly with the family that we obtain our Shilajit from and having that connection is very important to us and our brand.