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Maitake (Grifola frondosa) is a medicinal mushroom, commonly used as an adaptogen. It assists the body in fighting mental and physical difficulties, working to balance and regulate our internal systems.

The mushroom grows wild in parts of China, Japan and North America and is usually found at the bottom of Oak, Elm and Maple trees, during the autumn months. 

Maitake has been utilised as a medicinal mushroom in China and Japan for thousands of years, however it is now gaining popularity in the Western world for its benefits to health, vitality and longevity. 


Maitake mushrooms are supercharged with amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins B and C, along with copper, potassium, fibre and a wide range of vital minerals. Additionally, they contain polysaccharides and beta glucans, which give them their medicinal quality.

Maitake mushrooms are fat-free, low-calorie, low in sodium and cholesterol-free, making them a healthy addition to a balanced diet.

Polysaccharides - Long complex chains of carbohydrate molecules made up of small sugar molecules. They stabilise blood pressure, support the cells and tissue, and have a positive effect on free radicals. 

Beta Glucans - Sugars that are found within the cell walls of fungi. These are effective in reducing cholesterol levels and strengthening the immune system.


Maitake means ‘dancing mushroom’ in Japanese and was given its name because people would literally dance with happiness upon finding it in the wild. You see, during Japan’s feudal era, Maitake was a form of currency. People were traded the weight of their Maitake harvest in silver from local lords, making it a highly valuable product.

In fact, the mushroom was so highly valued that expert foragers would keep their harvest areas secret, so no one else could discover their patch. The secret locations of Maitake mushrooms would only be revealed upon death, in their wills. It was serious business! 


Helps fight cancer cells

Maitake has shown to suppress tumour growth in mice and increase the number of cells fighting against a tumour. Evidence suggests it could also be effective in helping humans fight cancer.

Helps lower Cholesterol

Maitake mushroom powder may help to keep arteries healthy by lowering cholesterol levels and increasing fatty acids that provide energy. A 2013 study found that maitake lowered cholesterol levels in mice.

Natural remedy for diabetes

A study on rats with type 2 diabetes found that Maitake mushrooms have a positive effect on glucose levels. Evidence suggests the mushroom may have potential to treat type 2 diabetes in humans.

Boosts & Supports immune function

Maitake mushrooms contain lots of powerful vitamins and minerals that boost the immune system. It is thought that the unique compounds increase white blood cell activity and production. One study found that administering a maitake supplement for 2 weeks resulted in a significant stimulation of defense reaction from the immune system.

May improve PCOS

Maitake mushroom extract may induce ovulation in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and has been used as an alternative therapy for patients who have found routine PCOS treatments ineffective.

Supports digestive health

Maitake is a great source of probiotics for improving gut health. The complex carbohydrates also act as a food for the gut microbiome, helping to support the digestive system.

How To Use

We recommend taking ½ tsp (2g) of Mountainlife Maitake Mushroom Powder per day.

Blend it in your favourite superfood smoothie or mix it with warm water to create a traditional tea. You could also add a little Raw Cacao Powder to create a delicious Maitake hot chocolate.


We provide 100% natural Maitake Mushroom Powder of Chinese Medicinal quality, Di Tao sourced from Qingyuan, China. Our Maitake Mushroom powder is great for boosting the immune system, regulating the body and supporting a healthy gut. Enjoy it as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Optimise your body today with Mountainlife Maitake Mushroom Powder.