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Colostrum Powder: It's Benefits & Uses

WHAT Is Colostrum Powder?

Colostrum is a breast fluid that is produced by humans, cows and other mammals before breast milk is created and released.

Referred to as "Liquid Gold" Colostrum is incredibly nutritious and contains a very high amount of antibodies that help fight bacteria and infection.Colostrum in bovine cows greatly helps promote growth for the calf and also has properties to allow the calf to be more resistant to disease. 

Colostrum for humans has shown that it can help promote growth and aid in immunity support. Colostrum in its powdered form acts as an all-in-one superfood that is nutrient & protein-dense.

What Is In COlostrum Powder?

Colostrum powder is the "dried" version of the liquid. Colostrum itself is nutrient-rich and contains vitamins, minerals and macronutrients that vital for the human form. Colostrum is of course protein-rich and has specific compounds such as:

Lactoferrin - A protein involved in assisting your body's immune response to infection and viruses 

Immunoglobulins/IGG - Are antibodies used by your immune system to fend and fight off viruses. Colostrum Powder is rich in IgA, IgG & IgM immunoglobulins. 

IGF-1 & IGF-2 - Are growth hormones that stimulate growth within the body. Colostrum is especially high in both these protein based hormones.         

Is Colostrum Powder Ethical To Collect?

In simple terms, yes. Cows produce more Colostrum than that is needed for their calf. Once the calf has had its feed within the 12 hour window of it being born, the colostrum can be collected. There are levels of colostrum which act as a guideline to the strength and the nutrition of the Colostrum. 

Collected within 6 hours - This Colostrum would be the most nutritious as it is highly fresh however, within this window nutrition for the new born calf would be stopped. 

Collected within 12 hours - The most ethical & optimal source. Still high in IGG content the Colostrum collected at this time would be of a high grade as well as having a conscious view on the newly born calf. 

Collected after 12 hours - Still effective Colostrum however the the level strength would have rapidly depleted as the window to collect the most nutrient dense fluid would have closed.


Helps Boost Immune System Response

Colostrum is scientifically supported in its ability to help boost the immune system by strengthen its ability to fight viruses via it's present immunoglobulins IgA & IgG.  


Strengthens Your Gut & Fights Infections

Colostrum has shown that it can increase the stimulate the growth of intestinal cells, strengthen and support the gut walling and aid in the prevention of intestinal permeability. (also known as leaky gut)    

Increases Athletic Performance

Colostrum is rich in antimicrobial factors, insulin-like growth factors, immunoglobulins, growth hormones which help promote tissue growth. 



May Aid In Flu Prevention

It is shown that daily use of Colostrum Powder can significantly aid in the reduction of the flu like symptoms and is shown to be over 3x more effective than vaccination in prevention to flu.   


May Help Prevent Osteoporosis 

Studies show that Colostrums protein and IGG content may favor and help prevent the spread and build up of Osteoporosis and reduce the symptoms of arthritis if consumed regularly.    

Promotes Ligament & Muscle Healing

Colostrums high growth factors and antioxidants, including it's insulin growth factors (IGF's) show that it can reduce oxidative stress and overall damage to muscles after exercise making one of the most effective supplement to support Athletes.


How To Use

Mix & stir 10g (roughly 2 teaspoons) into water, protein shakes or smoothies. 

Colostrum Powder is around 85% water soluble and will turn the water a creamy colour. There will most always be a small collection of colostrum at the top of the liquid. 

Alternatively you can take Colostrum Powder straight from a spoon. It has a powdery texture and has a taste similar to milk. 

Mountainlife Colostrum Powder

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