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All About Bee Pollen: It's Benefits & Uses


Bee Pollen is a small ball of locally field-gather flower pollen, packed by the worker honey bee's of the hive and used as their primary food source. It is a simple compilation of essential fatty acids, protein, sugars, minerals & vitamins. 

Bee Pollen boasts a impressive buildup with over 250+ incredible active nutrient substances, Bee Pollen does live up to its ancient Greek term of "Food Of The Gods"     

Dependant on which area of harvest Bee Pollen is from, it can have a incredible collection of crunchy and soft textures.

What Is In Bee Pollen?

Bee Pollen is a collection of around 23% honey & nectar, and 70% pollen. The bee saliva helps inoculate the pollen with a large range of natural probiotic bacteria and yeasts. These are the building blocks to start the vital fermentation and predigestion process.  Bee Pollen is packed with vital minerals, vitamins & amino acids. 

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) - A complex vitamin that helps regulate and stabilizes your immune systems functions. 

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - Supports and fuels the body's energy functions allowing a more efficient process of amino acids & fats.

Zinc & Iron - Helps boost the immune system and aids in the balance of hormones. Iron, a vital component of haemoglobin (a specific protein) helps carry oxygen through the body. Iron can also help reduce fatigue and triedness.         

What Is The History Of Bee Pollen?

Bee Pollen has a history that goes back nearly 8000 years and is regarded in many cultures such as Greek, ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Native Indians as a incredibly powerful revitalising tonic. Infact, the ancient Greeks fed their olympic athletes Bee Pollen and named it "Fuel Of The Gods" 

Some of the early western fathers of medicine such as, Pliny the Elder, Hippocrates & Pythagoras often prescribed Pollen to their patients and entrusted their recovery from the healing ability of the Bee Pollen itself. 

Bee Pollen has been mentioned in the Bible, Koran ancient Egyptian & Chinese texts and was first officially recorded in 2275 BC.


Helps & Relieves Inflammation

One of the main effects of Bee Bread is its incredible ability to drastically reduce internal inflammation. This study was conducted on rats in 2010.

Contains Natural Antioxidant Properties

Bee Bread has a extremely high level of antioxidant properties similar to those found within fermented foodstuffs. The content of flavenols, lycopenes, and vitamins can keep a person healthy by combatting the oxidants from external sources.  

Boosts & Supports Liver Health

Filtering out toxins is the livers most vital function. Studies show that Bee Bread can keep the liver healthy and can aid in the healing process after specific damage has been done towards the liver itself.    

Empowers The Immune System

Bee Bread is has strong science to support that the antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties can help stave off infection and aid in the breakdown of certain types of viruses and bacterias.


Supports Menopausal Process

Bee Bread can help ease the symptoms of menopause. A study showed that some women who regularly supplemented with Bee Bread experienced fewer menopause symptoms than those who didn't supplement. 

Reducing Stress & Relieve Tiredness

Bee Bread can also help reduce stress be increasing blood flow to the body's nervous system which in turn can reduce stress. It also has science to show it can effectively combat tiredness & fatigue. 


How To Use

Add a teaspoon to breakfast smoothies, breakfast cereals, yoghurt or oats. 

Bee Pollen can be used as an addition to a healthy lifestyle and is regarded as a superfood in its own right. Sprinkling Bee Pollen on Yoghurts and cereals is a brilliant way to absorb the incredible benefits whilst adding a soft, but also crunchy texture and sweet taste.

Mountainlife Bee Pollen

Mountainlife provides 100% natural Bee Pollen wild harvested from the mountains and forests of the Altai in Siberia. Our Bee Pollen is more nutrient dense due to the unique a varied plant pollen and floral only found deep within the Siberian countryside. 

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