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November 19, 2020 5 min read

Move over coconut oil, it’s time for a better oil to take the limelight. Let us introduce you to Siberian Pine Nut Oil, a delicious golden oil with a plethora of health benefits to its name. And don’t worry, it’s not another fad. This oil has thousands of years of medical use under its belt, not to mention promising results from modern scientific studies. Read on to find out more...

What is Siberian Pine Nut Oil?

Siberian pine nut oil is cold-pressed from the kernels of the Siberian Pine (Pinus Sibirica). These trees are native to the remote and pristine mountainous regions of Siberia, including the Altai and Taiga.

While pine nut oil can be sourced from other pine trees, those growing in Siberia are untouched by pollution and machinery. They have a rich level of nutrients that simply can’t be matched by those growing in modern European forests.

Siberian pine nut oil is a powerhouse of nutrients and can be eaten or applied topically to the skin. Rich in Omega-3 and 6, it helps balance cholesterol levels in the body, improves skin health and can even reduce the risk of heart disease.

What’s more, it’s the only known plant on the Earth to be rich in Pinolenic acid - a natural hunger suppressant.

History of Siberian Pine Nut Oil

Pine nut oil is a staple in ancient folk medicine, dating back thousands of years. The pine kernels first appeared in the 19th century, where they were commonly exchanged in Siberian markets. Buyers would take the kernels home and crush them using a traditional wooden cold-press to extract the oil.

Today, Mountainlife still uses a mechanical cold-press to extract pine nut oil. We find it is the best way to maintain the nutritional value of the oil while ensuring it is 100% bioavailable.

Siberian Pine Nut Oil health benefits

If you’re after a natural oil that really works, look no further than Mountainlife Siberian Pine Nut Oil. But don’t just take our word for it. Have a read through some of the fantastic health benefits below...


Digestive problems

Traditionally, pine nut oil was used as a remedy for digestive problems like gastritis, stomach ulcers, heartburn and h.pylori infection. Each of these come with unpleasant and often debilitating symptoms that the oil is said to soothe.

The oil's effectiveness as a digestive aid is likely a result of the concentration of carotenoids it contains. Carotenoids are organic pigments that help to reduce oxidative damage caused by free radicals. It is thought that free radicals play a role in the development of gastric disorders and accompanying symptoms. It is also rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps flush out toxins in the body.

Suppressing appetite

We have a sneaky feeling that many of you reading this will be most interested in Siberian Pine Nut oils natural ability to suppress appetite.

As we mentioned earlier, it is the only known source of Pinolenic Acid, a rare Omega-6 fatty acid that hasn’t been found present in any other plants.

Consuming pine nut oil, with Pinolenic acid, is thought to increase the hunger-suppressing hormones cholecystokinin and glucagon-like peptide 1 in the bloodstream. This tricks the brain into telling us that we feel full, potentially affecting our desire to eat.

If you are looking for a natural way to curb your appetite and support healthy weight loss, it’s well-worth giving Siberian Pine Nut Oil a whirl.


Siberian Pine Nut oil skin benefits

One of the great things about Siberian Pine Nut oil is that it’s incredibly versatile. Not only can you use it as a dressing or eat it straight off the spoon, but you can also apply it to your skin!

Healthy skin needs vitamin E and pine nut oil has copious amounts - more so than other skin oils including olive and coconut oil. It’s also rich in several other vitamins required for healthy skin, such as vitamins A, B and D.

The great thing about pine nut oil is its molecules are small enough to be fully absorbed, allowing it to nourish, moisturise and rejuvenate the epidermis with greater intensity.

Applied topically, pine nut oil offers incredible benefits, protecting the skin and acting as a natural cleanser. Many people use it to treat a wide range of skin conditions from psoriasis and acne to boils, athletes foot and eczema.

In addition, pine nut oil can be used to nourish dry hair and enhance shine. Add it to shampoo or create a DIY hair mask to hydrate the hair, restore its natural structure and lock in moisture.

How do you use Siberian Pine Nut Oil?

We recommend starting by taking a teaspoon of pine nut oil per day for around 3-5 days. You’ll notice it has a delicious woody taste and mild aroma. If you are seeking out the hunger-suppressing or gastric benefits, we suggest taking the serving around 30 minutes before your main meal.

After the initial 3-5 days, you may want to increase the serving to 2 teaspoons per day. Again, try to take it before meals to feel the maximum benefit.

If you want to include it into your meals, try using it as a salad dressing or in pesto (see below). Just avoid cooking with it, as the valuable nutrients are damaged by heat - hence why we extract it using a traditional cold-press method.

Applying to skin

For skin, you can apply the oil directly to the affected area. Gently massage it into the skin and remember - a little goes a long way! Use the oil twice a day (morning and night) as part of your skincare regime.

Alternatively, add a couple of drops to a hot bath to soothe your skin. You can also add a drop to your shampoo to nourish your hair and help promote growth.

As with all health supplements, it can take a little time to appreciate the benefits. We suggest using the oil for at least 3 months to really harness its natural powers.


Siberian Pine Nut Oil pesto

As a fun way to finish things off, we've shared a quick and easy recipe using pine nut oil for you to try...


  • 80g of fresh basil
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 50g pine nuts
  • 150ml of Siberian Pine Nut Oil
  • 50g of Parmesan cheese or a vegetarian/vegan alternative


  • Heat a small frying pan over low heat and cook the pine nuts until golden
  • Put inside a foot processor with the rest of the ingredients and blitz until smooth
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about Siberian Pine Nut oil and its many health benefits. Whether you’re looking to encourage healthy weight loss, soothe your skin or improve gut health, it’s a multi-functional natural oil you can rely on for real results.

Our ethically sourced Siberian Pine Nut oil is available to buy online in a UV resistant bottle for prolonged use. If you have any questions about pine nut oil or any of our tinctures, feel free to drop us a message on social media or email: info@mountainlifehealth.com

Thomas Sharp
Thomas Sharp

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