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July 04, 2021 4 min read

We all know the benefits of eating fruit as part of a healthy balanced diet. But if you’re bored of your usual apple and banana choices, why not try something a little different, like dragon fruit?

Dragon Fruit, also known as Pitahaya or the ‘Strawberry Pear’ is a tropical fruit that grows on the Selenicereus cactus. It’s native to tropical and subtropical regions of South America and Asia and is easily identified by its vibrant red skin and spiky green dragon-like scales.

Peel off the inedible skin and cut the fruit in half to discover a sweet-tasting speckled pulp, packed full of goodness! Read on to discover the nutritional value of dragon fruit and its many health benefits.

What nutrients are in Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit is low in calories and rich in several important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Vitamins in dragon fruit

Dragon fruit contains vitamins B1, B2 & B3. It’s also a rich source of Vitamin C, the anti-ageing antioxidant that reduces our risk of chronic disease and helps protect our immune system.

Minerals in dragon fruit

Dragon fruit contains iron, calcium, magnesium & phosphorus. It is also a great source of fibre, protein and omega essential fatty acids.

Dragon fruit phytonutrients & plant compounds

Dragon fruit is rich in betalains, which are powerful antioxidants that combat oxidative stress and may even help to suppress cancer cells. It also contains beta-carotene. This is what gives dragon fruit its vibrant red colour. Beta-carotene has been linked with reducing our risk of cancer and heart disease.


How to eat Dragon Fruit

The best way to eat a whole dragon fruit is to cut it in half or into quarters. You’ll then need to peel off the skin and use a spoon to scoop out the sweet-tasting flesh inside. Dragon fruit can be eaten on its own or added to a summer fruit bowl with strawberries and pineapple.

If you’re looking for an easier and more convenient alternative, why not try our wild harvested Dragon Fruit Powder? Simply add 1-2 tsp to your favourite smoothies and juices daily. You can also add Mountainlife Dragon Fruit Powder to granola, yoghurt and raw desserts to give them a healthy and delicious boost.

What does Dragon Fruit taste like?

Don’t let dragon fruit’s odd spiky appearance put you off trying it. Dragon fruit tastes very similar to other fleshy fruits like kiwis and pears. Still not sure? Try our 100% wild harvested Dragon Fruit powder to enjoy its authentic taste without having to peel and scoop!

Why is Dragon Fruit so expensive?

If you’re lucky enough to spot a dragon fruit at your local supermarket, you may be a little surprised by the price tag. Dragon fruit can be difficult to source, hence why it tends to be more pricey. The price also reflects its soaring popularity as a superfood.

Save money in the long run by buying our freeze-dried dragon fruit powder online. All you need is 1-2 tsp per day and it’ll last a whole lot longer than expensive fresh fruits.

Can Dragon Fruit help you lose weight?

While dragon fruit isn’t a magical or instant solution to losing weight, it is a healthy food choice. Because it is low in calories, you can enjoy it as a snack without feeling guilty. The fibre in dragon fruit will also help you feel fuller for longer, so you’re less likely to binge on the bad stuff!


Health benefits of Dragon Fruit Powder

As we mentioned earlier, dragon fruit is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its superfood status. Yes, this strange-looking yet delicious fruit contains a whole host of health benefits for the human body!

Contains powerful antioxidants

Dragon fruit is packed full of antioxidants including Vitamin C, Betalains, Carotenoids, Flavonoids and Phenolic Acid, which support the body in fighting off free radicals and oxidative stress. These are known causes of cell damage, premature ageing and chronic diseases like arthritis and heart disease.

Dragon fruit is also great for healthy skin. Try a DIY face mask by mixing 2 tsp of our Dragon Fruit powder with 1 tbsp of extra virgin oil and 2 tbsp of honey. Apply to your skin and leave to work for 10-15 minutes. The powerful antioxidants in dragon fruit are great for improving skin elasticity and preventing signs of premature ageing.

Dragon fruit for immune health

With months and months spent in lockdown, our immune systems could all do with a boost! The good news? Mountainlife Dragon Fruit Powder is packed full of vitamin C and carotenoids that boost the immune system and protect infection-fighting white blood cells.

Dragon Fruit for digestion & gut health

Regulate your digestive system with Mountainlife Dragon Fruit powder. The tropical fruit is a rich source of fibre, which promotes healthy digestion and can help to maintain a healthy weight.

Additionally, dragon fruit contains prebiotics that encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. This helps to reduce the risk of infections in the digestive tract.

Anti-inflammatory properties

As well as containing antioxidants, many of the plant-based compounds in dragon fruit have anti-inflammatory benefits. Eating dragon fruit may, therefore, help to reduce pain caused by inflammation. This could be particularly beneficial to those suffering from arthritis or gout.


Can dragon fruit reduce blood sugar?

Some studies in participants with type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes have shown that dragon fruit may help to reduce blood sugar levels. It’s believed that dragon fruit may help to replace damaged cells in the pancreas, which is responsible for making insulin. This is the hormone required to help break down sugar in the body. For more information, read this study.

Why choose Mountainlife Dragon Fruit Powder?

Mountainlife Dragon Fruit Powder is 100% wild harvested and authentic. We source the whole fruits growing in the wild, mill them into a finely ground powder and freeze-dry it to lock in all of the goodness.

The benefit of freeze-dried fruit powders is they last so much longer! They also offer greater convenience for busy people, so you can enjoy the authentic taste of dragon fruit without the time-consuming preparation.

But remember not all fruit powders are created equally. Choose Mountainlife wild harvested berry powders, with the knowledge that they’re 100% natural, free from nasties like binders & flowing agents and suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

Shop our full range of wild harvested fruit powders.

Thomas Sharp
Thomas Sharp

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