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July 14, 2021 4 min read

Testosterone is a sex hormone most commonly associated with males, though females produce small amounts of it too. It plays an important role in men’s health from puberty and beyond. For instance, testosterone is a key driving force in the development of the bones and muscles, deepening of the voice, hair growth and the production of sperm.

Male testosterone levels are usually highest in early adulthood. After this, they tend to slightly fall each year. If you’re one of the many men worrying about low testosterone levels, read on to find out the best ways to raise testosterone naturally.

Symptoms of low testosterone

Medically, low testosterone is known as ‘male hypogonadism’ and is defined as a condition in which the testes do not produce enough testosterone. This can have several side effects including:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Hair loss
  • Reduced bone and muscle mass
  • Reduction in sperm production
  • Reduction in testicle size
  • Low sex drive
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Decreased energy levels Increase in body fat
  • Mood swings

What causes low testosterone in men?

A fall in testosterone levels can be down to something as simple (and unavoidable) as ageing. As men get older, their testosterone levels tend to drop year on year. This natural decline starts after the age of 30 and continues at a rate of approximately 1% throughout a man’s life. (Source)

Other known causes of male hypogonadism include (but are not limited to):

  • Injury to the testes
  • Chemotherapy treatment
  • Acute & chronic illnesses
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Obesity or extreme weight loss
  • Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes
  • Oestrogen excess (from an external or environmental source)
  • Head trauma / injuries
  • Congenital defects


Natural ways to increase testosterone levels

If you’re diagnosed with low testosterone levels, you may be referred by your GP to an endocrinologist for testosterone replacement therapy. But you could also try the following...

Exercising more regularly

A study found that people who exercised regularly had higher testosterone levels. Weight lifting is particularly effective in raising your levels in both the short and long term.

Eating a balanced diet

Regular dieting and overeating can both reduce your levels, so avoid them at all costs. Instead, eat a healthy diet with a good balance of carbs, fat and protein.

Getting plenty of sleep

A lack of sleep could negatively impact your testosterone levels. One study found that sleeping only 5 hours per night led to a 15% reduction in testosterone. If you’re struggling to sleep, check out our blog post on 8 natural supplements for better sleep care.

Reducing stress

Long-term stress can have all sorts of negative implications on our mental and physical health thanks to the increasing levels of the hormone cortisol. High levels of cortisol in the body can vastly reduce testosterone. Try to identify and reduce any stress-causing activities or situations in your life.

Natural supplements for testosterone

There are also several testosterone-boosting natural supplements you could try.



This is an ancient Ayurvedic medical herb with a lot of research backing its ability to boost testosterone levels. One study of infertile men found that taking Ashwagandha increased testosterone levels by 17% and sperm count by 167%.

In traditional medicine, practitioners often combine Ashwagandha with Shilajit to improve male fertility.


Shilajit for testosterone

Our Altai Mountain Shilajit boasts a plethora of health and healing benefits but did you know it can also support healthy testosterone levels? One clinical study of males between the age of 44 and 55 found that the participants given 250mg of Shilajit twice daily had significantly higher levels of testosterone than participants on the placebo.

Read our article to discover the other sexual health benefits of Shilajit.

How to take Shilajit

Mountainlife Shilajit is available in several forms: a resin, a powder and a capsule. Out of the 3, we’d always recommend customers try Mountainlife Shilajit resin first. It’s pure Shilajit in its most natural form. Stir a pea-sized amount into a glass of water and watch as it dissolves, leaving behind a golden hue. Drink it up and feel the benefits.

For convenience, our Shilajit capsules are a great choice. Take 1 capsule daily with plenty of water.

If you’re taking Shilajit to increase testosterone and boost your gym performance, Mountainlife Shilajit powder can be stirred into your shakes for added benefits.

Why choose Mountainlife Shilajit?

A quick Google search will bring up a whole host of Shilajit UK suppliers but can you trust them all? Unfortunately, there’s a lot of counterfeit Shilajit out there, so you need to make sure you’re buying the ‘real deal.’

Mountainlife Shilajit is 100% authentic and wild harvested from the Altai mountains of Siberia. It doesn’t contain any binders or fillers and it is tested for purity and heavy metal content. Take a look at our Shilajit testing certifications for proof.

As a small business, our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we go the extra mile to ensure you receive only the best natural supplements.


Pine Pollen for testosterone

Our 100% wild harvested Pine Pollen is a natural testosterone booster. Pine pollen contains DHEA, amongst several other phytoandrogens and adaptogenic compounds. Together, they increase testosterone levels and help to maintain a healthy balance of oestrogen too.

Testosterone has been found in the pollen of Scots Pine. It’s estimated that 10g of Pine Pollen Powder contains around 0.8 micrograms of testosterone. If you’re looking for a way to increase testosterone levels naturally, it’s well worth giving it a try.

Many of our customers have reported increasing levels of testosterone after taking Mountainlife Pine Pollen. “This is a truly remarkable testosterone booster” commented George, who has noticed real improvements in his gym performance as a result.

How to take Pine Pollen

We recommend taking ½ tsp of Mountainlife Pine Pollen per day. Mix it with water or juice and drink before your first meal of the day for increased gut absorption.

Alternatively, you can take Mountainlife Pine Pollen under your tongue. This will support your body in absorbing the testosterone and DHEA straight into the bloodstream for maximum effects.

Shop natural testosterone boosters on Mountainlife

We hope you’ve found our article on how to raise testosterone levels naturally useful. Please take a look at our flagship range of Shilajit products and Wild Pine Pollen for natural testosterone-boosting supplements. If you have a question, drop us a message. We’re always happy to chat and help you find the best alternative health supplements to meet your needs.
Thomas Sharp
Thomas Sharp

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