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February 25, 2021 4 min read

If you’ve ever had Cystitis, you’ll know just how uncomfortable you feel. While it’s not usually a cause for serious concern, it’s an unwelcome inconvenience with unpleasant symptoms. The good news is you may be able to prevent and treat Cystitis by taking Cranberry Powder! Here we’ll discuss the benefits of Cranberry Powder for Cystitis, along with some of the other ways it can improve your health.

What is Cystitis?

According to the NHS ‘Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder, usually caused by a bladder infection.’ It’s one of the most common types of urinary tract infection (UTI) and women are more prone to it than men. In fact, at least 60% of women experience Cystitis at some point in their lives.

Symptoms of Cystitis can include:

  • Discomfort, burning or stinging when you urinate
  • Needing to urinate more often and urgently than normal
  • Feeling like you need to use the toilet, even though you’ve just been
  • Urine that is dark, cloudy or strong-smelling
  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Feeling generally unwell - achy, sick and tired
  • Blood in your urine (seek medical advice)

Using Cranberry Powder for Cystitis

Our freeze-dried Cranberry Powder is made from 100% natural cranberries, wild-harvested from the forests of Siberia. It’s packed full of Polyphenols (plant-based compounds), natural antioxidants and Proanthocyanidins - a chemical compound that can significantly help to prevent E.Coli and UTI infections. It’s also rich in vitamins B1, B2 and B3.

Cranberries have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries to remove toxins from the blood, dissolve kidney stones, improve digestion and treat UTIs like cystitis. North American Indians also used Cranberries in medicine for similar purposes.

Previously, it was thought that cranberries cure urinary tract infections, like cystitis, by making the urine acidic, and therefore, less favourable for the growth of bacteria. However, researchers now believe that the Proanthocyanidins compounds in cranberries prevent E.coli bacteria (the cause of 90% of UTIs) from sticking to the lining of the urethra and bladder. If bacteria can’t attach itself to the tissue, it can’t multiply and cause an infection.

Several studies back up this claim. One study found that taking cranberry pills containing 36mg of Proanthocyanidins every day for 2 months, significantly reduced the frequency of UTIs, especially in women.

While there is plenty of research to back-up claims that Cranberry Powder can help to treat UTIs, we’d always recommend following the advice on the NHS website if you believe you might have Cystitis.


Other health benefits of Cranberry Powder

In addition to helping prevent and treat Urinary Tract Infections, cranberry powder can be used to aid various other ailments, from poor gut health to influenza. Here we’ll share a quick rundown of its key health benefits...

Rich in antioxidants

Did you know that Cranberry Powder is supercharged with antioxidants? When it comes to fruit, Cranberries rank just under Blueberries for their antioxidant potency. They also contain rich anti-inflammatory compounds.

Research has shown that people who consume cranberries have lower levels of C-reactive protein. This is a blood marker of inflammation associated with premature ageing, chronic illness and cognitive decline.

Improves circulation

Cranberries can help to improve the flexibility of our arteries, thus enhancing blood flow and circulation. The better your blood circulates, the less pressure there is on the heart. Good blood circulation also boosts energy levels and improves cognitive function.

Supports gut health

There is evidence that consuming cranberry powder can benefit good bacteria in the gut, which is tied to immunity, mood and digestive health. The fibre in freeze-dried cranberry powder can also help prevent constipation.

Natural defence against gum disease

You may be interested to hear that the same compounds that prevent bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract (and causing an infection) also prevent excess bacteria from growing in your mouth. This means that taking cranberry powder can potentially help to reduce cavities, improve dental health and reduce your chances of gum disease.

Supports the immune system

At this time of year, we could all do with giving our immune systems a little extra boost. Several small studies have found that the powerful natural compounds in cranberries can boost immunity and reduce symptoms of the flu. So if you’re feeling a little rundown, reach for the cranberry powder!

How to take Cranberry Powder for Cystitis

Whether you are hoping to prevent or treat Cystitis, or simply boost your intake of important vitamins and minerals, using wild-harvested cranberry powder is a great way to do it!

We’d suggest adding 1 or 2 tbsp of our freeze-dried natural cranberry powder to smoothies, yoghurt, cereal or porridge. You can also try baking with it to add a natural red colouring and divine taste.


Tips for buying Cranberry Powder online

Interested in the benefits of Cranberry Powder for cystitis and other ailments? Remember, not all cranberry powder is created equally! Here are a few tips to help you buy a quality health supplement:

  • Make sure it is made from 100% natural freeze-dried cranberries
  • Choose a product that has been sourced from the wild (rather than mass farmed)
  • Check that it doesn’t contain fillers or binders (these are nasties used by cheaper brands)
  • Look for a product that is vegan and vegetarian friendly (cranberry powder shouldn’t contain animal derivatives)
  • Choose a family-run company to support a business with you (the customer) at heart

We can assure you that our freeze-dried cranberries are 100% natural and wild-harvested from the pristine forests of Siberia. We work with local families to ensure we source the very best berries, ethically and sustainably. What’s more, our powder is 100% cranberry. There aren’t any hidden fillers or nasties in there to bulk things out. We’re all about keeping it natural.

Try our Wild Cranberry Powder today!

Whether you experience frequent UTIs or simply want to boost your antioxidant intake, Mountainlife Wild Cranberry Powder is well-worth a try. Buy direct from our website and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Thomas Sharp
Thomas Sharp

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