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October 16, 2020 4 min read

When it comes to buying pure Shilajit online it can be a bit of a minefield. With so many different sellers offering various resins, powders and capsules, it’s difficult to know which brand Shilajit is best. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a few tips to help you make a sound purchase. 

1. Find out how and where it is sourced

Our first Shilajit buying tip is to find out how the company sources its Shilajit and the location it has come from. This information should be readily available on their website or seller page. If it’s not, there is a chance the seller does not know the source, as it may have been purchased from an Asian wholesaler. Unfortunately, as the demand for Shilajit increases, this has become commonplace and makes purchasing pure Shilajit online tricky.

The best quality Shilajit resin is wild harvested from its natural location - for Mountainlife, this is the untouched Altai mountains of Siberia. We work with a local family, experienced in wild harvesting, meaning no large commercial companies are roaming the mountains. The difference is that the family’s livelihood depends on the mountains, therefore they harvest ethically and treat their surroundings with respect.

Once collected, our Shilajit is purified using an age-old spring water filtering technique. This removes any debris and impurities, leaving the natural black tar-like resin we know and love - Shilajit.


2. Seek out testing info for pure Shilajit online

How can I tell if my Shilajit is pure? It’s a good question and something every savvy consumer should ask. As Shilajit is a natural resin from the mountains and comes from the Earth’s core, it requires testing for purity, heavy metal trace levels and mineral content. Again, an ethical seller of pure Shilajit online will have this information readily available for you to access.

How is Shilajit tested? Shilajit resin should be tested both at the source and in a laboratory. The testing should confirm that the Shilajit resin is 100% authentic and that heavy metal trace levels (Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic, Mercury and Nickel) are low and safe. A sound analysis will also account for mineral content in Shilajit such as Fe, Mg, Ca & Zn.

Here at Mountainlife, we choose to have our pure Shilajit resin tested at both the source in Siberia and an independent laboratory in Cambridge, UK.

In the United States, if a product contains less than 5mg/kg of heavy metal trace it is stated as 'not present.' However, we feel honesty is the best policy and like to be transparent. This is why we disclose the heavy metal trace levels and mineral content with our customers. You will find up-to-date Shilajit certifications and mineral content analysis reports available for viewing on our website.

Our Shilajit is 100% authentic and does not contain any excipients or fillers.

Unfortunately, not every sellers’ Shilajit resin is up to scratch and we hate to say it but some might not even be Shilajit at all. This is why it’s so important to see Shilajit testing information. If the Shilajit is not lab-tested or approved by a governing body, alarm bells should ring.

Always check your Shilajit is 100% authentic and does not contain thickening agents, which distort the smell and texture. It should be laboratory tested and have certification to provide evidence of its heavy metal trace levels and mineral content.

3. Value brand accountability

Our final tip for buying pure Shilajit online is to look for a brand that is accountable for the quality of its products and has credibility. A family-run business like Mountainlife, prides itself on quality, safety and authenticity. Sadly, larger wholesalers and retailers are often more concerned about high volumes and quick sales.

What we believe makes us stand out is the care and attention we put into sourcing, testing, selecting and packaging our Shilajit products.

We have gone the extra mile to put our Mountainlife Shilajit through the rigorous testing of the Vegan Society and had it certified. 

We hand select each batch of Shilajit, jarring and sealing it in the UK.

Finally, we use UV resistant glass bottles to preserve the delicate nutrients inside our natural Shilajit and prevent molecular decay. We take every measure to ensure you receive the very best product and can access all the wonderful health benefits of Shilajit.


Shilajit resin, capsules or powder?

Natural Shilajit resin looks like black sticky tar and has a potent earthy scent. It dissolves in water, turning it golden in colour. Some people also like to add it to milk and warm beverages, like tea. This is Shilajit in its most natural and purest form.

You can also buy pure Shilajit online in capsule and powder form. Like with Shilajit resin, it’s important to refer to the buyer tips we’ve shared in this post. Make sure you’re buying Shilajit that is wild harvested and ethically sourced. It must be fully tested for heavy metal trace content and 100% authentic.

Some sellers, unfortunately, give Shilajit capsules and powder a bad name by selling poor quality or counterfeit products. However, providing you buy the best quality Shilajit capsules and powder from a trusted seller, like Mountainlife, you can rest assured the Shilajit is 100% pure and offers the same fantastic health benefits as the resin.

While some people enjoy drinking natural Shilajit resin in water and even applying it topically for its skin benefits, others prefer the convenience of the capsules. Shilajit powder can also be added to smoothies and shakes, great for a pre or post-workout boost.

Where to buy Shilajit

Wondering where to buy pure Shilajit online? The simple answer to this is the Mountainlife website! We stock a full range of Shilajit resin, Shilajit powder and Shilajit capsules, along with a whole host of natural health superfoods from the wilds of our world.

Whether you’re after Rosehip Oil for skin benefits or Pine Pollen for healthy weight loss, we’ve got you covered, with a fantastic range of wild harvested and ethically sourced products.

Have a browse of the website and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. We love nothing more than chatting about our product range and the many ways it can benefit you!

Thomas Sharp
Thomas Sharp

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